Sagebiel Thanksgiving 2016

My family began the tradition a couple of years ago of celebrating Christmas on Christmas Eve. It started out of logistical necessity – my grandparents used to live in California so we’d often fly out on Christmas Day to see them – but continued out of our growing appreciation for having the actual holiday to relax, do nothing, and enjoy our new presents.

This year we decided to apply the same principle to our Thanksgiving celebrations. So while all of you are undoubtedly fasting and putting on your most comfortable pair of jeans, the Sagebiels are sitting around the kitchen table eating Sally’s famous homemade cinnamon rolls and trying to recover from last night’s culinary event. (Actually, it’s just me eating. My dad is running, my mom’s doing dishes, and my sister is vegan.)

These are the cinnamon rolls. Seriously, how am I the only one eating these right now?

And don’t forget, my friends, that Thanksgiving is NOT just a gateway holiday to carry us into the Christmas season, although the day after Thanksgiving does serve as the official marker for when it is acceptable to start playing Christmas music. There are so many fun ways to celebrate this holiday instead of letting it pass you by. I’ve included some pictures from our celebration to give you a couple ideas. I wish you all a wonderful day of eating, laughing, football watching (go Redskins), and giving thanks. We can talk more about Christmas tomorrow.

I made my first pumpkin pie this Thanksgiving. You can tell how proud I am of myself by the amount of pictures I took of the entire process.


Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset
I mean, not bad, right?
Table cards made by me – my only contribution besides the pie.
Caroline getting ready for dinner in her super cool, super hip room.
Nate and Mom tag-teamed to make some yummy roasted veggies.


The finished product! V yummy.

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