Goodbye, Lane: the first “last” of senior year

Why does my last football game as an underclassman at Virginia Tech feel so significant and sad?

This is what I wondered to myself as I, along with 63,120 of my closest friends, jumped up and down while Enter Sandman blared through Lane Stadium’s speakers (if you don’t know about this tradition, you should definitely familiarize yourself with it). The Hokies were playing our rival, the University of Virginia, for the Commonwealth Cup. So, yeah, school pride was at a high and all of that, but why did I feel so deeply sentimental? I am definitely a sports fan, but I still kept thinking, It’s just football, right?

The game ended in blowout Virginia Tech victory, the final score 52-10. As we walked out of the stands, which were littered with the leftover bones from turkey legs (again, if you don’t know, familiarize), a thought popped into my head that made me realize why I was feeling the way I felt.

I don’t know when I will be in this place with these people again.

 That hadn’t been a thought I’d entertained since graduating high school four years ago. I couldn’t help but think that was the first of many times I’d have those feelings in the coming months.

But honestly, isn’t this true for every day of our lives? Sometimes it’s more apparent, like when you realize next year, as a Virginia Tech grad, season tickets to football games are $1,000 instead of $100. But the same statement is just as true every moment of each day we live – it’ll never be the same as it was last time. That thought, to me, is comforting. Because even though it feels pretty drastic as I continue to take small steps towards the ultimate steps, the ones I will take across the graduation stage in May, we’re all doing it all the time.

So, it’s on to the ACC Championship for the Hokies, and on to a life of alumni-priced football tickets for the class of 2017. I am wishing both of us the best of luck.

Hannah and Colleen pretending they are ok and unemotional.


Height difference between Morgan and me is astounding.


April posted this on Instagram and captioned it “vest friends.”



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