Everything makes me cry

The other day, my mom and I got together for a day of marathon cooking. We made a ton of food that could be frozen and pulled out whenever I needed a meal in a pinch over the course of the semester. She was talking about how simple it would be to make lots of different meals with the staples we were cooking, and I kid you not, tears started welling up in my eyes. Not because I was thinking about how sweet it was of my mom to spend the day cooking with me, but simply because it would be so easy to make different types of meals quickly.

Hmmm. What?

That got me thinking about all the different things that make me cry. I probably tear up at least once a day due to one of the following things:

  • A good song (doesn’t have to be sad)
  • When I think about graduating
  • On a hard run (This happened yesterday. Also every run is hard.)
  • Watching Fixer Upper
  • Rain (so beautiful)
  • Sun (so beautiful)
  • Bad grade
  •  Good grade
  • A sweet dog
  • People in love
  • At church (I cry every Sunday)
  • Football/basketball games (if my team is losing or if my team is winning)
  • If I bump into something
  • The cashier at Kroger
  • Reading Instagram captions
  • In the shower for no reason
  • Driving through the mountains
  • Anything else

I am not trying to fulfill the stereotype that girls cry at everything, because they don’t. I don’t think this is the norm, and I’m usually not even sad when I cry. But I think I’ve always been particularly in touch with my emotions and I like it that way. It makes me feel like I’m experiencing the fullness of life.

Even the time when I had to hide my tears in my Appalachian Studies class because I started tearing up watching an old YouTube video of traditional Appalachian cloggers. They just looked so happy!

Ok, gotta go. I’m getting emotional.

**P.S.: As I was finishing this post, my sweet friend Becca Good brought me these cat lights that she bought while she was in China and mentioned how they were “so cute they make her cry.” So add that to the list.

They are so cute! Can you see Becca in the background?
This very post moments ago on my computer + the cat lights that are definitely capable of inspiring tears.




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